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In the regions of northern France, winter is cold, but summer can alright play with hot, cool or rainy alternations. The climate influences your choice. you would like water for swimming outdoors, you hesitate with alittle pool of three x 6 meters, but the quantity of water to be heated is gigantic to succeed in the expected 28 ° C and therefore the weather doesn't allow swimming during quite 3 months.

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Pool vendors have long offered spas as a complement to a swimming bath, but actually , these are two distinct markets, and who owns a swimming bath doesn't necessarily need a spa and vice versa! The spa market is more just like the saunas and hammams market.

Conversely, in recent years, swim spas have developed enormously and try to impose themselves on the mini-swimming pool market. The budgets aren't in the least an equivalent , but well integrated, the swim spas make the difference because of their swimming against the present , so you'll really swim for hours reception. The best seller of jacuzi tubs nowadays is definitely tropicspa.


There's a wide variety of hot bath styles, only limited to your imagination and budget! You can choose from ancients models of wood, ultra modern models of acrylic and cedar, with all shapes and lengths, recessed, mobile and even inflatable above ground ... For each of its benefits and drawbacks.

What are the benefits of a spa?

• The water is at the specified temperature 24 / 24H

• Swimming is feasible a minimum of 7 months a year

• Bathing within the rain in predicament (not within the event of a storm: danger !!!)

• Who doesn't like massages?

• Friendliness between friends to start out or end a night

• Minimum maintenance - once every week

• Low operating cost: electricity - water - products - accessories

• The water is usually clean and crystal clear

• doesn't take up tons of space

• No water connection: plumbing / sewer

• Young children learn freediving

• No risk of drowning because the duvet is locked

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