An insight into boat rentals

Collaborative yachting, dockside rentals, private hire... New navigation practices are very popular. Here is a light on the best practices to follow in terms of regulation.

Rental at the pier

Some sites have specialized in the docking of private vessels. This activity is currently poorly regulated and causes significant differences in treatment according to the ports. The Transport Code only authorizes the privatization of berths for a period of one year, renewable, allowing an exclusive right of use of the assigned site.

The pontoon belongs, not to the owner of the boat, but to the inalienable and imprescriptible domain of the maritime public domain. As such, it is not a good or a piece of land that can be traded. On this basis, many ports refuse to rent a ship at the dock for insurance and liability reasons. It is thus strongly recommended to the yachtsman to warn the Harbour Master's office of his wish to rent a boat at the quay, this collaborative office being able to refuse. Harbour masters tend to include the berthing ban in their port authority regulations with penalties up to the termination of the mooring contract.

The rental of a ship between individuals

The difficulty lies in the services offered and the delicate border between rentals between individuals and services (.g: boat rental ibiza) that are part of a professional structure. It must be remembered that renting a property is a commercial activity with, for the lessor, responsibilities and obligations.

Judicial News

At the beginning of 2018, a skipper holding a simple coastal permit was convicted of concealed work before the Quimper Correctional Court following lucrative outings through the linking sites. It should also be remembered that the exercise of carrying passengers for profit requires being a holder of a maritime patent and to embark on a ship for commercial use. The objective of the legist pleasance is to provide economicly, legal, tax, social and technical information on the subjects of boating and yachting for the benefit of individuals and professionals.

In support of a network of institutional, community and marine professionals, it is still important to legalize the lease of a boat.

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