A keepsake photobook to relive the moments

Your year is full of good memories? Start reliving your favorite moments by creating a photo book with mysocialbook. And if your year has been so busy that you don't know where to start, here are some tips to help you design your photo book from the first to the last page.

Choose your cover image

The cover of your souvenir book is the item that will be on display at your home, so be sure to look after it. The cover is the starting point of your story, so choose a photo that highlights the theme of your book. If it's a family album, add your favorite group photo to the cover. For a baby book, use your child's first photo for the front. We have a few creative book themes to help you group your pictures, if you need more ideas to get started.

Choose the order of your book

Sorting your photos is a complicated task to say the least. But if you want to organize your album by memory and in chronological order, we have some photo organization tips to help you organize your files. Once your files are in order, you can store them in your photo book as a chronology of your year. If you don't want to sort your photos in chronological order, why not group them by color or theme? You can combine images of similar tones or create a section of vacation photos from your trips abroad. You could also dedicate sections of your photo book to the people who made these moments exceptional. Why not group all the photos of your parents and then create a new section for your favorite photos of your friends?

Add memos to your photo book

Your book does not only need to include photos, you can also add the memories you have collected. All boarding passes and cards from your last adventure will be beautifully scanned in a travel diary. The ticket stubs of the festivals you attended will help you remember these extraordinary moments of live music.

Let your photos speak for themselves

An open photo book on a pink background, with a hodgepodge of family vacation photos on the left page and a large family photo on the right page. If you want your photos to speak for themselves, we have a large number of layouts that you can test. You can use an informal mosaic style for many family photos or try a layout with a single photo to highlight a breathtaking landscape.

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Buying a portable spa

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